Good Help: Hiring Employees for Your Child Care Business

Find quality staff for your child care business by having high standards for hiring

One of the most important investments you can make for your child care business involves hiring employees. Finding consistent, compassionate caregivers can make your day-to-day job infinitely easier while improving your business’s reputation.

Whether hiring a substitute or a full-time assistant, finding and keeping qualified child care staff can be a challenge. Learn how to recruit, interview, and hire the type of employee who will enrich the lives of the children in your care, while helping your business thrive as well.

Finding the right fit

Newspaper job announcements are practically a thing of the past in today’s modern world where the internet reigns supreme. Online job search sites or community Facebook pages are both more affordable and widely searched options, but your best bet is to find warm leads through word-of-mouth advertising through people who are already familiar with your business.

Add an “employment opportunities” section to your website and post a sign in your place of business where existing customers are likely to see it. Receiving a personal recommendation from a family member of a child in your care is a good endorsement.

Posting notices on church or community bulletin boards or with school placement offices are also great options to find qualified candidates. Students pursuing a teaching-related degree are often interested in gaining experience with children and are a great fit for part-time or substitute work.


Hiring qualified caregivers makes your business more attractive to prospective clients and brings you peace of mind in terms of your daily workflow.

Ideally, your candidate will have relevant education, certifications, or experience in child development. However, personality and disposition may prove to be even more important. Are they patient, kind, playful, calm, reliable, sensitive, warm, and loving? The interview process will go a long way in deciding which qualifications are the most important, so don’t discount someone over something that could be taught through training or continued education.


When it comes to the well-being of the children in your care, you can never be too careful. Parents are putting a lot of trust into you and the choices you make, so ease their fears by having an appropriate screening system in place.

Let all applicants know that you’ll be conducting a thorough background check once the interview is finished, and allow them to explain anything that may arise as a result. Also, ask open-ended questions, like an example of a time they felt frustrated and how they handled the situation or what they find most challenging about working around children.

When it comes to the actual background check, don’t resort to something as simple as Google. Pay for a service that does a thorough job at searching public records. That investment upfront can save you a lot of money and heartache in the future.

Also, always ask for personal references and check with past employers for clues about honesty and reliability. Finding the perfect candidate only to discover they’re chronically late or absent is a waste of time and resources.

Children learn by watching the grown-ups who care for them. Finding quality people to help in your child care business is essential to their education and future. Take the time to identify appropriate candidates, evaluate their qualifications and characteristics, and investigate their background to make staffing choices with confidence.

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